Pearly penile papules:

Pearly penile papules  are small (1-2mm)finger-like growths that occur commonly on the rim of the penile head.  They are arranged circumferentially in one or several rows and are often wrongly assumed to be warts or herpes.  Even though the lesions are benign and asymptomatic, they can lead to enormous distress and have even resulted in the loss of partners and ruined families. These  small growths are also called fibromas. The exact mechanisms underlying their development is unknown.

They can occur in up to 20-30% of males and usually start during the late teenage years.  Various studies have found that they are much more common in uncircumcised men .

Due to their high prevalence, they are considered to be a normal variant and do not form cancers. They are not contracted or spread though sexual activity. 

Usually treatment is very simple.  It requires the use of a Carbon dioxide laser or Radiofrequency cautery machine. In some cases, circumcision can lead to slow regression of the growths.

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